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Together with Netball Australia and ReachOut, #TeamGirls powered by Suncorp, encourages girls to build confidence and success together - peer-to-peer, girls supporting girls - just like on a netball court.

Following our landmark partnership with Netball Australia in 2016, Suncorp commissioned research to better understand confidence in young Australians and gain insights from Australian parents. Our Suncorp Australian Youth and Confidence 2017 Research Report revealed that young Australian girls believe the key to achieving self-confidence is supportive friends and family, however things like social media are challenging this support. It also found that sports participation has a considerable positive impact on their self-esteem, however as girls get older, they are also playing less sports.

With the support of our partners we created #TeamGirls, a program that encourages girls to participate in sport, support each other and set goals together. To achieve this, we need the support of Australian parents and families, some of the most influential people in a teen’s life, to help nurture our young girls to become confident women.

Let’s build a nation of confident girls


Goal setting


Sports participation

Social behaviour

Goal setting

Netball is a team sport that requires each player to work together to get the ball through the net as many times as possible in 60 minutes.

Netballers need to band together to make every goal happen. Everyone has a specific purpose and position that is essential to ensure that the ball makes it from one end of the court to the other and through the net – it’s a 100% team effort. And there’s no better feeling than reaching that goal, or watching your young girl and her team reach that goal.

The focus and skills girls learn in sport, and the continued emphasis on improvement through repeated practice and training, is a critical part of goal setting. Our Suncorp Australian Youth and Confidence 2017 Research Report found that achieving goals was one of the most important things that made young girls feel confident. Through #TeamGirls we aim to help young girls foster talents, dreams, and set other goals for the future. Setting goals can help provide direction and motivation and help set young people up for a strong financial future.

Read more about goal setting from #TeamGirls Ambassador Rebecca Sparrow.

Learn more about Rebecca.

Sports Participation

According to a 2013 study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, only 54 per cent of Australian girls participate in organised sport, compared to 67 per cent of Australian boys. This is only one of numerous studies that have found a disparity between female and male sports participation, but in reality, the positive effects of playing a sport is equally extensive for both boys or girls.

Quite simply, girls feel better about themselves when they play sport. And with a team sport such a netball, where every player is equally important, there is no better environment for young girls to support each other to build confidence and success. According to our Suncorp Australian Youth and Confidence 2017 Research Report over 80% of parents believe that sport has a positive influence on their teenagers. Equally, over 90% of teen girls indicated that sport is important in their lives. Playing sports has lots of advantages – building confidence, self-esteem, teamwork, goal setting and connecting with friends.

The earlier that our girls start playing sport, the more benefits they will experience and the longer these benefits will stay with them. Through #TeamGirls, we’ll be working with Netball Australia programs including NetSetGO and Suncorp Super Netball to encourage girls to start playing and continue playing netball.

Get your daughter into netball. Find your nearest club here.

Read Rebecca Sparrow’s personal account of playing sport as a teenager

In this digital age, young Australians have access to a range of social media platforms that can have both positive and negative effects on them and their confidence. Social media is an important communication medium for the majority of teenage girls. Through #TeamGirls, we want to help parents and teens to engage in positive social behaviours, particularly online.

Studies show that social media has a huge impact on our girl’s self esteem. Our Suncorp Australian Youth and Confidence 2017 research shows that 66% of Australian girls believe that getting likes on social media makes them feel good and 57% compare themselves to other people on social media. Author, speaker and #TeamGirls ambassador Rebecca Sparrow firmly believes the decreases in confidence in teenage girls over recent years is due to the rise of social media and online activity. “The key is using social media for good, to inspire and motivate you, and to help you keep a balanced view of yourself”.

“It’s important that you and your daughter curate her social media feed so that she’s following people and organisations that inspire her, make her laugh and broaden her view of herself and the world. Women like Michelle Obama, Laura Geitz, Emma Watson, Julia Morris, Cate Campbell, Turia Pitt, UN Women Australia, Orange Sky Laundry, the Body Image Movement and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls are all wonderful sites,” says Bec.

We’ve enlisted a team of trusted ambassadors for #TeamGirls, to help encourage a positive and uplifting frontline social media presence for Australian girls. These ambassadors will also provide tools and resources to better equip parents to have these conversations with their daughters regarding social media.

Learn more about our partners.

Our #TeamGirls website includes tools and resources, provided by our partners and ambassadors, that are designed to help parents support their daughters and nurture confident young girls who become confident women. However, if any of the content on this website causes any issues or distress for you, your child, or anyone you know, please contact:

Lifeline 13 11 14

Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800